Welcome to my online home, where, I hope you will feel entirely “at home” and spend a little time browsing to see how I can help you!

I don’t mind telling you I have had a very varied career in and about all this “marketing malarkey”.

Brand building (love it), business story telling (best fun ever!), researching and copywriting from very early days…along with full on project and event management. Wonderful!

What do you get when working with me?

A great working relationship.

Rather like my lovely pink flamingo, I am a Social Bird who supports my client with empathy, warmth, humour and nurturing.

As your Creative Companion, your success is my driver.

A pair of eyes with much marketing experience to add value to your business.

Here’s to getting desired results.

My Journey

I first started out in my very own micro business back in 2011 after a somewhat painful slip on the ice gave me the push, or should I say, “break”  I needed. The time was ripe and right, to make the change from unfortunate employee to, a self-employed project manager.

I have always liked a challenge, so as with any small business owner, I was doing everything involved with a full-on marketing campaign: Funding bids, budgets, PR, events and production of all marketing materials as well as social media campaigns. I worked with many small businesses to support their growth, showcase their products and client services and of course, increase their brand awareness.

It was hard work. Really hard work to sustain the level of energy required for ongoing business success. So, at the end of 2014 I decided to quieten things down a little!

In an attempt to “quieten down” I decided to retrain in clinical hypnotherapy and life coaching.

Once again, I built up a business. Online this time. And my focus was on Coaching for Confidence – in particular for ladies that are very sensitive about their size.

The thing was, it didn’t take me long to realise that it was still my “first love,” good old “get yourself out there and get your story told”, on brand, on message, copy, content, and the marketing of my business, that I enjoyed the most. I used to love doing guest interviews. It meant I could market my interviewee businesses!

Fast forward now to 2019 and me and my long-suffering hubby of rather a lot of years “retired”. We sold our beautiful old cottage in Perthshire, Scotland and left behind the chilly climes to sun ourselves in a rather stunning pueblo Blanco, full of light, and heat, in Southern Spain. My criteria for the location of a new home? Scotland in the sunshine. I got it!

I have never been any kind of a Domestic Goddess and never will be. I am far more au fait with how to work an iMac than a Dyson. And, trust me, hubby is far better at cooking, painting and house refurbishing than I will ever be.

Although I do love a spot of interior design!

What they say about working with me…

“Absolutely amazing lady. I gave Tracey an outline of my business and she came up with some fantastic content. An absolute pleasure to do business with her!” 


I highly recommend working with Tracey. She was able to embody the voice of my business.” 


It’s All About You

If you want to have heaps and heaps of support in building your business through brand storytelling, connecting with your ideal client through brand messaging, compelling copy and creative content for all things social media, then I can help you.

Why not book yourself a complimentary 15-minute chat with me and let’s get your start up well and truly started!

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