You have reached the sanctuary of my Blog Salon.

This is the “Hang Out Haven” of my online home where the sofas are squishy, the Victoria Sponge is freshly baked and the tea is loose leaf. You too can have your very own Emma Bridgewater mug – take your pick.

Or, if it’s after 5pm, take a peek around for the ice bucket – chances are you will find a rather lovely chilled, Champagne, Cava or Prosecco.

This online Salon is for ladies somewhere around, and somewhat over, the age of 50. Give or take. No one is counting because life is too short! We will chat about many things… The ever-changing lives that we lead. Our challenges and triumphs. Business? Of course, but that fits in with our overall pattern of loving life and living it on our own terms.

From time to time, I will introduce you to the flavours and heat of Andalucia. Snack sized gossippy snippets of life as an ex pat living in true Spain. A far cry from the Costas!

I invite you to stay as long as you like. Don’t ever be a stranger.

Write Better Website Copy That Engages With Your Passion

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Gratitude! Friday Night Takeaway

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Creating a Website is Like Setting Up a New Home.

It’s all been a bit quiet in Southern Spain of late.  I am just getting my energy back and reflecting of the chaos of 2020 - and I don’t just mean Covid! I want to spend a little time and share my experience of moving house and [...]

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What Have Ant Bites Got To Do With Your Ideal Audience?

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Writing Your About Page For Your Website

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