Get More Customers From Your Website!

Want to go from invisible to irresistible?

Your business needs to be speaking to the right kind of people.

Like peeling an onion, I love working with you to uncover and define your Brand Message and Personality to help you write copy that sounds like you so you feel confident with your words.

This power hour is for you if…

You are starting a business and have no idea how to start writing your website words.

You’re stuck for words, struggling to express yourself and write about your business. You just can’t seem to get down what you want to say.

If only you had a Way with Words and could step out with confidence instead of constantly comparing yourself to others.

It’s time to get confident with your copy

Feeling invisible online?

Your online home should be making you money.

Right now, it’s about as active as a Sleepy Sloth. (Yawn, Yawn!)

Just like Macaulay Culkin, you are feeling the chill of being Home Alone!

My guess is you are feeling frustrated, fed up and fearful.

Is your business dream in danger of crashing down around you?

Tell me …

Do you yearn for website copy that comes alive with your personality and engages with your passion?

For words that will work hard to kickstart conversations, build relationships and convert to customers.

Is it a secret desire to be tempting, beguiling, intriguing and captivating.

In other words – Simply Irresistible.

If only you had the confidence!

Here’s what Donna and Karen say about working with me…

“Absolutely amazing lady. I gave Tracey an outline of my business and she came up with some fantastic content. An absolute pleasure to do business with her!” 


I highly recommend working with Tracey. She was able to embody the voice of my business.” 


Who am I to help you?

The very lucky lady that sits at a pink desk on a mountainside in Andalucia.

I create copy and provide much needed confidence boosts to small business owners.

You see, Words Are Powerful.

If only I had started my first business with personality packed copy that showed my passion!

I didn’t but I can ensure that you do by sharing my years of experience in marketing, my love of words and Confidence Coach training to give you the best possible chance of success.

The two blend beautifully and I love taking you from Seriously Invisible to Simply Irresistible!

Did you see what Donna and Karen had to say about working with me?

Two heads are better than one

Come on…we’re better together!

Let’s tackle those Copy Confidence Concerns and attacks of Comparisonitis head on!

I invite you to spend an hour with me and I promise you that you will come away focused and energised.

Or, you can book 4 hours at a discounted price.

If you find after your first hour, you wish you had gone for 4, we will make that happen for you and really concentrate on building your way with words and your confidence.

You can be more COPY CONFIDENT in a weekend! I will open up booking slots to make this happen.

Start feeling more confident about creating your website words and content.

Boost your Copy Confidence now!

Book Your Power Hour Today!

What you will get

60 minutes of my experience, guidance, warmth and a Copy Confidence Boost.

It’s your time to ask questions, get my opinion and guidance and share your Copy Confidence concerns.

Here’s how it works


You will be asked to answer a few questions to help me, help you.


We will get together on a recorded Zoom call which you can refer back to for future support.

How does that sound?

Book a Power Hour

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