Copywriting or Cookery? It’s A No-Brainer In My Book!

And guess what?  Lo and Behold! I chose copywriting.

But you knew that really, didn’t you?

I’m just going to whizz you back to my school days to give you an idea of why I adore copywriting and what it means to me, over more, shall we say….practical skills.

It’s fair to say that my path was set from the minute I could read.  (Very small child)

Quit your sniggering, please!

Now, for those of you reading this and sniggering, “Home Economics”, yes, what a trauma it was for me.

It went something like this:

  • You had to have a white apron, preferably starched.
  • You had to have neatly ironed dishcloths and tea towels (okay, maybe there is a place for ironed dishcloths and tea towels?  Point me in the other direction, fast).
  • You had to have a wicker basket full of boxes of Tupperware with all your ingredients in.  (And try not to whack people on the bus, manoeuvring with the said basket, satchel, bag and P.E kit.)

And here is the total piece de resistance of my trauma, (apart from my teacher) – we had to write out a time plan as well as the recipe, and follow it to the letter – or time, should I say.

It went something like this:

2.15 pm – unpack basket

2.17 pm – tidy away all and wipe down surfaces

2.20 pm – peel potatoes

2.30 pm – tidy away potato peelings and wipe down]

2.32 pm – put potatoes on to boil

Now, for anyone that knows me, this kind of rigid structure was and still is…totally mind numbing for me.

And, what’s more

I can tell you that I am scarred for life and hate cooking, to this day.  I do love baking, mind you.

Thank heavens for Mr B being able to rustle up many a dish.

Much as we had to estimate our time, the best we could for the lesson – when it comes to doing things that I am not THAT keen on, to be pigeon holed and put under pressure.  Cookery does not and never will come naturally to me.  (Neither does cleaning or any other domestic “chores” (what a word) come to that!)

Moving on to a sense of calm – that is what reading, writing and Copywriting brings about.

English Language and English Literature.


The joys of Dickens, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats and Shelley – to mention a few.

I think I may have been the only “saddo” in the class that could see the reasoning behind poetry appreciation.

You see, I was taught from a very early age, pre-school actually, to make up stories, little rhymes and poems by my lovely old Glaswegian Dad.

He also taught me to read before I started school.

And, I am so happy and delighted to tell you, that I have never ever lost the joy of reading and writing.

The love of learning through stories.

Total escapism and relaxation.

Now and always.

My head can usually be found in an iPad these days.

I much prefer a book, mind you.  But I read so much that storing books became a problem and especially shipping boxes and boxes of heavy reading material to Spain.  Well, it was out of the question, so I salvaged a few and am starting to build up a new library of hardbacks.

Just touching the pages and smelling the paper…

And if anyone ever, ever, folds over a corner!

The Happy Ending – Copywriting is not work, it’s natural progression.

“They” (whoever, “they” are) do say that if you find a job you love, you will never do another day’s work in your life.

I pretty much agree with that.

Copywriting to me is pure relaxation.

It’s a tiny bit like fitting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to come up with the complete picture.

Only the odd time when I have a bit of a block, or, deviate from my normal way of writing, do I get a sense of slight disconnectedness. 

Note to self:  Step away from templates and rigid writing structures.

And it’s not that I don’t use structure when I am writing. 

I do.

I have a blog post structure and a website structure but the joy of being able to weave stories, step in the shoes of my clients and also step in the shoes of their potential clients.

I sometimes liken the process to being an actress – assuming different roles.

Oh, who would I be, I wonder?

Taking on a different voice and tone to your own.

Submerging yourself in any number of different problems and then finding the very best way to share heartfelt solutions.

It’s fair to say that if the continuation of civilisation depended on my cooking, we would all fade away!

However, I could certainly write myself, and anyone else, into the next century.

So long as someone kept me fed and watered!

Don’t struggle with copy like I struggle with cookery, book a free Coffee and Copy Call with me, and let’s chat.