How Do You Create Key Money Making Messages To Persuade Guests To Choose You Over Competitors?

Let’s face it; the competition is ferocious when you own a bed and breakfast business.

Gone are the days of hanging a sign outside your door and registering with the local Tourist Authority for support.

How Will You Sell Yourself?

The digital market is a ruthless battleground, and somehow, to be successful and profitable, you need to get the word out there that your beautiful home, the one that you have sweated over and poured your heart and soul into, turning into a bed and breakfast, is THE ONE for discerning guests.

How will you sell yourself in such a way that you have a high, money-making occupancy rate?

Let’s get started.

Where Do You Sell Yourself?

If you haven’t got a website in the digital age we live in, I wonder how successful you want your business to be?

Assuming and hoping that you have a website, I am speaking about anywhere else you are likely to connect with the customers you want to attract.

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Printed flyer or brochure
  • In-person

Do You Know Your Customers?

If you are struggling with occupancy rates, it’s time to look at your bed and breakfast’s target market because you will not appeal to everyone in the mix.

Random marketing to all different types of people will bring you very little success.

Think about how you make your choices for a holiday or short break.

Am I presuming you will work to criteria?

By clarifying your bed and breakfast’s target market, you can start to speak their language.

Some Questions To Consider To Identify Your Customers

  1. Given your locality, who do you want to attract?
  2. Still, with your locality, what age range of visitors are likely to want to come here? Young famillies, young professionals, older visitors interested in the history of the area?
  3. Do you appeal to a specialist niche in the market, e.g. are you in a food tourism area abundant with local produce or perhaps a wine-producing region. Is your area particularly good for cycling, walking, fishing etc…?
  4. What does your competition offer?

Once you have put a clear picture of who, it is much easier to describe your business in words.

How Do You Persuade People To Become Visitors?

Ok, now you have spent the time getting clear about who you are offering your home to, you can decide what words will best do the job of persuading those lucky people that spending one night with you is not nearly enough.

Now Is Not The Time To Be Modest.

Really, please don’t come over all shy when it comes to painting a picture with words about your wonderful home.
It’s about choosing the right words to appeal to the senses of your future guests.
Drive their imagination and fire up their curiosity; get them reaching for the phone or their table to make a booking.

Benefits over features every time.

I have lost count over the years of the number of times I have read the words, Award Winning Bed and Breakfast.


Award-winning for what?

Your customer service or your homemade sausages?

Talk about it, because if you don’t take this opportunity, your customer will.

Make sure that you back up any claims that you make.

Get busy putting together a list of what you have on offer, and from there, write down the benefit of each feature.

For example – underfloor heating is a feature, but what is the benefit to your guest? (Especially if you are in the North of Scotland!).

Appeal To Emotions And Senses.

One of the most beautiful bed and breakfasts I ever stayed in was way up in Lochinver, and yes, the furniture, fittings and food were all I had hoped for, but what sticks in my mind is their use of Highland Stoneware Pottery for breakfast service.

Gorgeous, but the important thing for me about that is that the owner supported local craftspeople by buying it.

Precisely the kind of thing that I am interested in reading about.

Really tune in to your targeted visitors.

Shout About Your Stand Out Breakfast!

Food is a subject that is very dear to my heart!

And breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.

Never miss an opportunity to flag up your homemade strawberry jam, eggs from a nearby farm and meat from the local butcher.

According to Visit Britain Inbound Food and Drink Research 49% of overseas visitors would like to try a full English Breakfast.

Whilst the market for overseas tourism is non-existent right now, think of all the domestic visitors on a Staycation that will enjoy having the time to eat a home-cooked breakfast, served to them, without having to do the shopping, cooking and clearing away.

These are the kind of things to emphasise in your key marketing messages to your visitors.

It’s All About Your Customer.

But you know that, don’t you?

Now is the time to take the time to plan ahead and look at your website copy and social media messages.

If they are not telling your story or representing your business as they should, get to work creating those all-important key money-making messages, for when the world opens up for business again.

It’s just about being able to put it into the right kind of words!

Before I head off, if you are lost for words, get in touch for a Coffee and Copy Chat and let’s see what we can cook up together for your business.