Why Creating a Website is like setting up a home. The Pretty Pink Flamingo Agency

It’s all been a bit quiet in Southern Spain of late.  I am just getting my energy back and reflecting of the chaos of 2020 – and I don’t just mean Covid!

I want to spend a little time and share my experience of moving house and setting up a new home to how, in my humble opinion,  the process compares to how to create a website!

A little background info to set the scene.

We moved here in October 2019, leaving behind the beauty and cold of Scotland.

No sooner were we in our Sunshine Spanish House, than we decided to start major renovations.  

Building work began last Christmas, finishing up somewhere around April last year, just after Covid kicked in.

I didn’t feel settled in the beautiful home that we had created.

I don’t know about you, but unless I feel settled, nothing happens!

To cut a long story short.

 Our house went on the market in early October.  We sold after one viewing.  Then, moved only 500m away to where I think is our Forever Home, in our tiny Pueblo Blanco.

The whole process happened within a month! Selling, buying, moving.  (Quicker than creating a website!). It can be that speedy here in Spain.

Hello, excruciating back pain;  and stress levels through the roof! Creating Words whilst chaos reigned. During this time, I worked on the copy for a client’s website and liaising with the Web designer, who was also working with the Brand designer.

It got me thinking back to when I was working on my website, earlier this year, and how stressful that was, even though I am ‘in the industry’.

Creating a website for your business can be overwhelming!

Where do you start?

You have to write the copy, refine your services, and most of all, sound like yourself!

And branding? What’s branding? Oh, the fun of beautiful branding.

How do I build the site?  Take a step back – design the site!

And hosting?  What’s that all about?

Setting up

Starting out to create a website, can feel like dealing with the legal side of buying a house.

If you think of hosting as the land the house sits on, you know you want to make sure your website is on the best server.

The website itself is the beautiful house on this server; you don’t want to let it down by having it sitting on messy, unkempt land.

Just as you would use a surveyor to assess the quality of the building and land, you want to make sure you’re using a website designer who has a proven track record and who you feel confident will do a great job to create a website for your business.

Ask for recommendations, check out the link in the copyright bar on websites you like and find a designer who you think will work well with you.

Legal stuff done! Let’s move on.


Like your home, your website is an extension of you, your personality and your all-important business brand.

I am not someone that can settle for ‘OK’.  For me, the look, the flow and the emotions that a website evokes, are paramount to business success.

Call me picky, but the design and detail can be the difference between a failing website that isn’t worth your money and a money-making machine for your business.

Your business needs a website (and a good one!),  just as you need somewhere to live – a home!

Let’s start with the vision of how you want your website (online home) /home to look.

Have no fear, here; it will not come to you in an instant.

Take time to do some research

I did  A LOT of research.

I enjoyed looking at different colours and layouts.  Noticing how the websites flowed;

What was on the home page?  What took me from my about page to my services section.

My advice is to keep a list of the sites that appeal to you initially, and then you can go back and start to drill down for the Why.

Let’s talk about colours and Branding

I have to say; I love the whole branding process. You are starting with a blank canvas, poised and ready to make magic with colour and design.

Your research will show up what colours and brands stand out to you.

Are you a minimalist type of person, black and white? Pastel colours? Strong colours? Favourite colours that weave their way through your life and into your online home?

I am the latter. Over the years, with the various websites that I have had, the one colour constant in my scheme is pink, and I am never far away from gold and teal.

White walls equal new beginnings and a glorious blank canvas as I begin my Home Branding.

Whilst I have had the painters into my new home and to paint everything white, (some of the walls were deep purple!), I will now add all-important colour, with paintings and pictures which funnily enough, reflect my branding.

Or you could say, my life reflects my business choices.  That is the beauty and soul of a micro business intertwined with a personal brand. I instinctively know what colours I love and mean so much to me.

No matter how much help you may have when creating your website, you must feel comfortable and confident with your choices to reflect your personality and business.

Making it a home

Your words are the ultimate way to get your personality across to your reader. It’s the virtual chat over a cup of tea, which makes people want to know and work with you.

It’s time to fill your website with words that will inspire your reader with confidence, speak to their emotions and reassure them that you know their problems and how to solve them.

Your first step, with your branding, is to draw visitors to your website visually, and from there, you want them to stay on your site, read about how you can help them, and, ultimately, buy your products or services.

When I wrote my copy, my first thoughts were that I wanted each page of my website to feel like readers were stepping inside different rooms in my online home.

It matters to me that anyone on my website feels entirely at ease and enjoys being there.  Just as if I had invited friends round for tea and cake or a glass of nicely chilled Cava.

In a previous career, I spent my time making people feel welcome, at ease and reassured that I would help them.  My job as a copywriter is to convey this in my choice and tone of words.

And so to build your website

Colour schemes and branding; yes, you are excited!

Words that reflect your personality and business; powerfully and charismatically written.

It’s time to hand over for the construction process.

Whilst I have every confidence in myself to make our new house a beautiful home, (I once considered a career in interior design), I would rather run a marathon, in the antarctic,  wearing a bikini even attempt to build a website.

Please leave it to the experts!

Sure, you are told that you can build something ‘for free’ or low cost.  But in my experience, if it looks too good to be true, it is. It will cost you in the long run.

As I said earlier, your website is there to make you money; in my opinion, that means getting people ‘in the know’ to do the job they are expert at.  Anything else is likely to be a tear-inducing, wine slopping, sweary type of agonising experience.

Why use me to help you create your website words?

Bear with me a little longer here and let me explain.

I do have a way with words!

Whether it’s your website, blog or sparkling sales copy, I have had considerable experience, and fun, having worked on creating captivating content for lifestyle businesses, therapists, wellness creatives, food and tourism projects, designers and a few others in between.

I’m not a show-off or arrogant, or any other kind of ‘O, she thinks she is so superior,’ kind of person.

I am honoured that I can play a part in uncovering your brand voice (and personality) and put it into the best possible way of saying it so that your business speaks to the right kind of people and gets noticed.

Together (we are a team), we tempt and tease to build trust, confidence and profit!

Let’s sit back, relax and then celebrate as the website magic happens!

Open the front door and invite people in

Finally, the day has come. All parties have signed off your site. . It’s time to tell the world you have a new online home.

Just as you would let people know that you have a new address, let people know you have a new website.

Shout it from the rooftops and get the business party started.

But how?

Use every means; Press Releases, blogs, email signatures, email newsletters, social media, online and offline groups.

Wherever it is appropriate to share details of your exciting new website.

Keep up the maintenance

Your website will always be a work in progress.

Like keeping the boiler serviced and the garden maintained, your website will need maintenance work to fix bugs and require valuable, fresh content to be added in the form of blogs.

As I write this, we are already discussing an extension to the house and building works for the spring; you will want to add pages to your website as your business develops and grows.

Life and business do not standstill.

Don’t know where to start with blogging? As someone who has worked on and maintained many houses and websites, I have all the knowledge and tools to support you in creating blog posts which complement your website and help showcase your online home to the world.

Book a complimentary  Coffee and Copy chat  to discuss how I can support you with your website and blog copy.