Friday Night Takeaway Food

Food Glorious Food

Hola and Hello!

Another week romped by.

Have you had a good one?

What have I been up to this week?

Well, sooner or later, my Week in Words was always going to feature Food Glorious Food!

Waking up to Blue Skies

After the cold snap of last week, it was pure joy waking up to crystal clear azure blue skies and welcome heat on Saturday.

 Gazing up at the sky and feeling the heat on your face.

We knew that another lockdown was looming and making the best of  Sunshine Saturday was the way to go!

Picture This

Blue sky and heat – not that I am ‘rubbing it in’!

Tables laid up outside in a busy and bustling main street watched over by our Spanish Town’s splendid architecture.

Where to sit? Wherever we could get a table!  

Spanish Ladies that Lunch, complete with the freshly coiffured hairdos, were in full swing.

Picture this…again

I tried to look as elegant as the Spanish Ladies that Lunch as I made a beeline for the only available table!


I’m pretty good at ordering Vino Blanco, and before long a rather lovely chilled Verdejo was gently glugging its way into my glass.

Lipsmackin fab.


Food Glorious Food – Don’t you just Love To Eat?

I know I do.

In last week’s blog, if you didn’t get a chance to read it, you can do here , I mentioned that sometimes the food in these parts could be a little unadventurous.

Not at the splendid tapas bar and restaurant Zyrah.

I mention these names so that you will know where to eat and drink if ever you are fortunate enough to visit this area.

We were spoilt for choice!

Aubergines in tempura batter drizzled with molasses

Torpedo prawns with aioli

Tiny gourmet burgers (Rabo de Toro or oxtail, as we know it), with dainty, homemade fries – salted to perfection.

Neat little parcels of filo pastry with cheese, onion and bacon


For now!

Sitting, Soaking up the Sun and Enjoying the Ambience.

Miss Piggy was stuffed!

But, there is always room for dessert!

Bring on the homemade cheesecake, caramelised on top with…a smattering of what appeared to be strawberry jam.  


What word am I taking away from my fabulous foodie experience this last week?


Our trip to town was about food.

But it was about the occasion. 

Waking up, our only plans were for housework.

Hey, there is always manana!  

Sometimes, being laid back ‘Spanish Style’ is the way to go!

Our day was open to adventure, and it turned out to be a Food Glorious Food Adventure!  

Is there any better kind?!

Back into Lockdown

Yup, afraid so.

It is not so rigid as in the UK right now.

Bars and restaurants do have to close at 6 pm, so a little more planning is needed as they are extra busy to accommodate daytime diners only.

Which brings me smartly back to my word of the week:  Spontaneity.

When was the last time you behaved spontaneously?

Do you know folks…

I am sure there are many benefits to being spontaneous.

But can I reckon a little spontaneity goes a long way to improving your mood and well being.

Where can you introduce even a smidgen of spontaneity into your life?

See you next week xx