Friday Night Takeaway

Gratitude! Friday Night Takeaway

I’m not talking Chinese, Indian or Fish and Chips.

I wish!

Where we live in Spain, all of those are very firmly off the menu in favour of grilled swordfish or pork chops.  (I have never eaten so much pork in my life since moving to Spain).

And there is a reason for the amount of Pork they eat in these parts – but, a story for another time!

My Friday Night Takeaway is a little reflection on the week past, using Words Glorious Words.

It’s an opportunity for me to ‘free write’ and to share with you whatever comes out of the keyboard over a cuppa!


Well, if I had to choose 3 words this week to roll with, I would choose:  COLD, FRUSTRATED & STRESSED!

Cold? Why cold?  Don’t you live in Spain?

Indeed I do.

I am more than delighted and filled with gratitude, to live on a mountainside that is Covid free and practically people free, surrounded by olive groves.

This week we have seen plummeting temperatures pretty much on a par with my gorgeous Scotland.

But here’s the thing – well two things, actually.

These temperatures are all a little freaky, and when you have to experience the heat of an Inland Andalusia summer, you don’t mind a little frost.

You LOVE a little frost to reminisce on the Home Country!

Plus, it will only be for a few days and not for 6 months!

And when the sun breaks through mid-morning, well, you could sit outside with your cuppa!

Then, let’s throw in a huge log fire to toast in front of, during the evening, and a rather efficient pellet burner that heats my whole upstairs.

Cold but very Content and Cosy.

Moving swiftly on to Frustrated!

I’m not going to dwell too much on this one as it is part and parcel of Spanish bureaucracy, that, I am learning to deal with in a much more patient manner!

We are in the process of changing our driving licences to Spanish ones.

It is a requirement, actually, within 6 months of moving to Spain.

Note to self:  Be more aware of these things!

Anyway, it slipped through the net, and now, as Brexit has entered all our lives, it is imperative we get this done quickly.  Otherwise, we have to sit a Spanish driving test.  I am happy with that but not so Mr B!

So, off went with our Gestor, (Solicitor), yesterday to the mighty city of Cordoba, to the Spanish Trafico.

All our paperwork in place with new photos, ready for the new Spanish licence.



After an hour’s delay beyond our appointment times, The Computer said NO!

I said NO!!!!

Mr B said, ‘calm down’!

So, after hot coffee, (muchas gratitude!), late in the day, but very luscious Danish Pastries, eaten in the sunshine of a park filled with fountains and orange trees, we headed for home.

Tomorrow is another day, and we will sort this!

Manana?  Of course, Manana!

Which finally brings me to stressed!

Our lovely rescue dog, Princess Lola the Pretty Podenco (as she is called, amongst many other things), suffers from separation anxiety.

From me!

Well, who could blame her???


Having created a special ‘day room’ for Lola, complete with a ‘smelling of me’ bed, toys, treats, a radio and DAP diffuser for anxiety, (can I have a human version if there is one?), we went off on the above journey to Cordoba and had to leave her alone!

I had had a previous discussion with my Sister about the time she finally, upon all well meaning advice, left my niece in her cot to cry herself to sleep, (many moons ago).

Yes, we are crate training etc etc but I still felt stressed at leaving Lola alone…pretty much for the first time since she had a doggy meltdown, pre Christmas.

Had we returned home with our Spanish driving licences, I may not have felt quite so bad!

Still, Lola was fine!

And I guess that now that first time is over, it will get easier.

So, we ended the day of frustration and stress in front of that roaring log fire with a glass of chilled Cava.  (Not Lola – I am trying to limit her bad habits to chewing new sandals!)

What am I taking away from this week?

And what word would I give to you as a takeaway?


Pure and Simple.

Not for a single second, can I compare my life with those experiencing difficulty or hardship right now?

We all have our own versions of that and for some, looking for the silver lining, or something to be grateful for maybe a step too far.

But I like to try to find something in every situation and every day, come to that.

I am eternally grateful for where I live, the opportunities for personal growth that come my way, (learning patience when the Computer won’t play ball – what nonsense!) and for the joy of being a dog owner again.

And finally, I am hugely grateful for the fact that my wonderful friends and family remain well and safe.

Some have suffered from Covid, but all have come through it and are back to fighting fit, thank God and the NHS.

And that’s it for this week, folks.

May you have a peaceful and safe weekend.