Speak their language

You’ve done it.

Congratulations on the birth of your business.

Have you had a few sleepless nights getting to this stage?

Tossing and turning, going over what has to be done in your head at 3 am?

I did.

Not to mention the odd hissy fit, where only a generous measure of Bombay Sapphire and Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic helped.

Yes, I had a few of those too.

But now it’s time to get out there and get clients.

This is the part we don’t always consider when setting up in business.

Logo:  Check!

Branding:  Check!

Website:  Check!

But these alone won’t bring clients knocking on your door.

You need to go out and find them, (or at least, have them find you).

It All Starts With Creating Copy

  • You can’t wait to start blogging – well, everyone else does, so you know you have to.
  • Facebook posts – hm, yep, you can do that.
  • Linkedin – yes, OK.
  • Instagram – probably not right now.

Is that a headache coming on after reading the bullet point ‘bits’?

Please, listen to me here.

I could go on here and bamboozle you with even more marketing stuff you ‘should and must’ do.

Instead of that, let’s pop in a couple of Advice Alerts.

Advice Alerts

Advice Alert 1:

Words like ‘should and must’ – I avoid as I do slugs on a rainy day.

They bring about unnecessary pressure that you don’t need.

You will figure out pretty quickly that there is only so much you can do and only so much information you can absorb at any one time.

Advice Alert 2:

Take a breath and focus on one thing, one step at a time.

But I didn’t hop on here to give you random marketing tips.

I want to share a process that will help you SO much when creating your content – for your website, blog posts, social media, emails, newsletters, and anywhere else you need a valuable copy.

You can build your confidence and avoid hours of painful frustration and overwhelm by researching your audience and clarifying the type of language they use.

The voice that is nagging away in their heads, desperate to find a solution.


Here’s What I Don’t Want For You

Your enthusiasm to flip and flop like a flip flop as all the great stuff you spend time researching, writing and promoting falls on deaf ears.

At least it can start to feel that way when you get little or no response from anyone other than friends and family.

It can start to feel that you are as invisible as a snowman in a snowstorm, and before long, your motivation takes a skydive.

Wobbles set in.

Here’s What I Want For You

I want you to be able to chat with your online audience very naturally.

As if you were starting a conversation with your long time, fabulous and trustworthy hairdresser.

Quick aside: Is your hairdresser your first port of call this week?

Mine was as soon as she opened up after the first lockdown.

I think I messaged her every week…‘ It’s Tracey, as soon as you are open…’

She probably fitted me in on the very first morning of opening to stop me from bombarding her with messages.

Yes, that’s what I want for you…

Put your natural chat into words and feel comfortable and confident about what you are saying and how you are saying it.

Connect and engage with confidence.

Getting Started

Going back to the hairdresser scenario, you can chat effortlessly with her because you know her pretty well, on a level.

If you have been going to the same stylist for some years, you will likely know her husband or partner’s name, whether she has children, pets, about her parents.

I used the most fabulous stylist when I lived in Scotland, and a visit to the salon was always a joy fuelled by at least 3 cups of tea and lots of laughs.

She shared boyfriend problems, pregnancy, travel tales, and we got on so well…

I knew what to talk to her about as our relationship developed and we got to know one another.

If You Don’t Have Clients, How Do You Get Feedback?

I know how hard it is to get started.

It will be even worse if you are not particularly social media savvy at this moment in your business development and can’t face trying to do online surveys or feedback posts.

But there are ways you can get into your audience’s hearts and minds to find out the best way to chat with them in their language.

Chat with Confidence


Convert to sales.

What Are You Searching For?

Clues to kick start conversations and position your services in the minds of your audience!

  • Words and phrases that your audience use.
  • Underlying emotions they express.
  • Motivational triggers that they have suggested would trigger them to buy.
  • Hesitations and objections to your services.
  • Problems they experience.
  • What your audience sees as a solution to their problems.

Where Can You Find These Clues?

A great place to start is on Amazon.

I kid you not.

It is called review mining, and it is beneficial when you are getting started.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Amazon.

You can look on any website where people leave a review of their experience of a solution.

Say your new business is as an Anxiety Coach for teenagers.

What search term would a parent use when looking for help?

  • Support for my anxious teenager?
  • Help my teenager with anxiety?

You will then have the opportunity to check reviews in lots of books, all offering different solutions for helping a teenager with anxiety.

The next step is to go through the reviews looking for words, phrases, emotions, or anything that can help you write your copy for your audience.

As a tip, don’t necessarily dwell on the 5-star reviews.

Take an objective look at all the reviews for balance.

Social Media

Yet another place to do some valuable research.

Over time, I would advise you to join online groups for support and information.

Whether it is like-minded business groups or wherever you think your potential customers may be.

Read people’s questions and answers and use this information to help you craft your website copy and social media messages.

Research Takes Time…And That’s Fine.

And that’s just fine!

I am writing this because it is a lesson I have learned.

For some reason, I used to think that getting down to the actual writing part was the most important thing.

Get the copy produced and onto the next thing.

I can remember a colleague telling me that she could ‘knock out a blog post in 30 minutes in my very early days.

Given that it can take me over 3 hours, I felt deflated.

What was wrong with me that I couldn’t churn out stuff the same way?

Absolutely nothing.

We all go at our own pace, and comprehensive research to get into your potential clients’ hearts and minds will allow you to do what we set out to do – speak the language of your clients and connect with them on an emotional level.

Creating Strong Foundations

You wouldn’t expect to build a house to last on flimsy foundations.

So, please be reassured that this ‘beginning stage’ is a learning curve and do take the time you need to learn all you can about your audience that will become your loyal clients.

Pretty Pink Flamingo Agencey

P.S. If you would like a Coffee and Copy chat, to create copy to connect with your audience book a free 30-minute call by clicking here.

I look forward to supporting you.