Unleash a Powerful Business Brand Voice

What Is A Brand Voice?

I don’t know about you, but when I started in business, the word ‘brand’ meant getting myself a logo.

No doubt, a pretty coloured one. Probably some shade of pink!

The whole brand strategy and, in particular, the development of a brand voice was not something I had heard or come across.

Was I naive or so excited that I could not see beyond creating a visual identity – my logo and brand colours?  I think I was utterly blindsided with excitement at the shiny side of creating a business.

So, if you are reading this now, as a very confused Business Start-Up, I’m happy.  You can make some changes, now, that will help with your copywriting.

I guess before we go any further, it might also be a good thing for me to explain what a Brand Voice is?

Part of Your Business Foundations.

Building a business takes time, energy and effort, so the way to go is with solid foundations.

Your Brand Voice is one of the Brand components that form rock-solid business foundations.

Or, I also call it the throbbing heart of your business. (Beating is an overused word in my opinion).

What is the purpose of a Brand Voice?

Your Brand Voice underpins all of your marketing with the vital job of building your presence and personality to be instantly recognisable throughout all of your communications.

I like the way that SEMrush, the online visibility tool, describes it.

‘Tone of voice reflects your brand personality, helps you connect with your audience and makes you different from the rest.’ – SEMrush

Let’s take a look at a well-known Brand tone of voice example and see how it works.

Garnier – L’Oreal

The copywriter for this prestigious task is James McCarthy – an Englishman living in New York.

Let’s take a snapshot look at the development.

Tone of Voice

“We needed to be engaging and friendly but empathetic and informative; the perfect salesperson, in other words. The chatty style channelled Davina (McCall)”

Sample copy

“So you love knowing about all the latest beauty stuff, and you love getting free treats, tips and surprises. Sign up here for your regular little emailed package of joy with all our best bits. Isn’t it lovely having things to look forward to?”

“Say hello to Garnier Beautiful Days, your regular ray of e-sunshine.”

So far so very good!

This is chatty!

And definitely inspires a feel-good experience.

You can imagine a salesperson who loves their job (not the sort that is wearing makeup so thick they clearly have to get up at 5 in the morning to complete the full-on war paint look and their reason for working, other than the money is to have access to the makeup and products).

This is the salesperson that knows the value of making a connection. She/he really loves her job. It still enthuses and excites her, no matter how long she has been in the industry. My guess is that she may be a more mature lady. I hope I am not being an ageist here?

I have left many of these ladies behind, dotted across Scotland and England that I have always returned to over the years as a loyal and high spending customer.

What’s next?

Likes And Dislikes.

Garnier likes…

Real needs and insights that resonate with real women. Products that really work, so you can see and feel the difference. That’s why we always want to know what our customers think – for us, that’s what really matters. We think beauty is all about being the best version of yourself so you can make the most of whatever the day brings.

And what they don’t like:

Garnier would never…

Patronise our hard-sell with cold scientific waffle. Neither do we generalise or make assumptions about our customers, who may be in their 20s or 50s, may have families or be single and may overlap with other L’Oreal brands in different categories.

Let’s go back to the tone and voice of the salesperson.

  • Chatty with no hard sell or scientific waffle.
  • She/he is engaging and friendly and welcomes conversation.  
  • Do you get the feeling that this is a real woman (sorry, that may be being sexist) – that shares your beauty woes – whatever they may be? Putting it another way, you are not intimidated by her; instead, you feel like you can chat with her as if she is a friend.

This brings me to the final part of what I want to share.

If Garnier were a person?

Who would that person be?

Your friend sitting side by side on the sofa with you, sharing all her latest hints to feeling beautiful. She’s down-to-earth, warm and makes you feel good about yourself. She looks great, too – in an attainable way.

5 Reasons Your Start-Up Needs a Brand Voice – Urgently!

  • To represent you and your business.
  • To give your business personality – your personality. 
  • To bring it to life and create emotional connections – just like the chatty salesperson.
  • To show how different you are from your competitors – people buy the ‘WHY’ from people.
  • To kickstart conversations and build relationships.

How To Get Started.

The fun thing for me was answering the question, ‘If your brand was a person, who would it be?’

My answer is Sophia Loren.

Her style is classic and glamorous; She is regal, possessing poise and confidence, mixed with the passionate Italian warmth and temperament. From extreme poverty, she has risen to be a female star of classic Hollywood Cinema.

She is elegant, powerful and strong!

Who would you be?

Then jot down some words that you would associate with your Brand.

I have shared some of my words here; elegant, powerful, strong.

And a keyword for my Brand: Confident.

Enough From Me.  Time to Unleash Your Brand Voice?


No one can find it for you.

It is yours and yours alone, which makes you and your business different from everyone else.

Use it to chat, connect, nurture, advise, express emotion, show empathy, kickstart conversations and build relationships.

The risk of not doing so will only lead to wishy-washy, vague messages and a lack of consistency.

You don’t want to miss opportunities to strengthen and build your Business Brand.

Need Some Help To Express Yourself?

That’s what I am here for.

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