Stress Free Social Media?

Now, that sounds like a plan!

Week in, week out, in your business, especially an online business, you will be expected to come up with a whole host of social media content.  You know it is important, but how do you keep your hair on and make sure that the creation process is as stress-free as possible?

It can be overwhelming, tiring, and very stressful.

What causes social media stress?

Let’s take a look at what causes so much stress when it comes to sitting down and sorting out your social media for the week ahead.

In my opinion, procrastination lies in several areas.

For me it was:

  • Worrying about what to write.
  • Worrying that no one would want to read what I was talking about.
  • Worrying about whether I was too slow at writing posts, and therefore, not good enough.
  • Trying to get something out for the sake of it.
  • Worrying about where I should be posting.

As you can see, there was a whole lot of worrying and stress going on around my social media.

Why was I stressing about all of these things?

So much Social Media Stress, that your energy, inspiration, and motivation just fly right out of the window at the speed of a Formula One Ferrari!

5 Frustrating reasons for social media overwhelm.

 1.  You are not clear who you are talking to on Social Media.

How well do you know your audience, your potential clients?  Can you truly say that you know how they feel and recognise their struggles?

Unless you do, it is really difficult to “speak” to them with confidence. It feels stilted to spark new conversations and grow relationships.

2.  You are not confident with your Brand Voice

This does very much tie in with not knowing who you are talking to on social media!

Whereas the first point is very much about your audience, this one is about setting the foundations for your business.

When you are confident with your Brand Voice and your tone – chatty, friendly, formal, and have a bank of commonly used terms and phrases, that form the heart of your copy, your interaction changes.  Your words flow as if you are having a face to face chat.

3.  What if no one is interested in what I have to say?

Oh boy, I do like to write from experience!  I mean, who could be interested in anything I want to say??

What is it that causes us to feel, so strongly, that our experience and opinions don’t matter?  We tell ourselves that we might not know what we are talking about.  Especially if we haven’t got letters after our name.

We don’t feel good enough!!  There we go, I won’t mince words.  I have said it!

4.  You don’t plan and always leave it until the last minute to just “pop” something out there!

With this one, it is about when you are time-poor, tired, and probably hungry.  The end of the day comes around and you think to yourself, “What can I put out, quickly, before I dash off and start to cook, etc…”. You are scrambling around for thoughts and put yourself under enormous stress and pressure.

Chances are, you end up feeling fed up with yourself and what you put out isn’t great value and therefore, the social media stress cycle continues.

5.  Where to post?

Which social media platform will produce the best results for your business?

One thing is for sure unless you are skilled, you cannot be everywhere.

Now, we move swiftly on to a solution to your overwhelm.

5 Simple ways to stress-free social media

From a past Mistress of Stress, ditch it!  Relax into yourself and love your business.

You can change the way you think and behave and that is what we are going to tackle below!

 1.  Better Understand Your Ideal Client

I had a discussion about this with my husband.  He is very old school, corporate, and has recently retired from an industry, with a very captive audience.

He could not understand why I needed to break down who I was talking to and that my marketing had to be targeted.  Surely, I would just set up my website, and hey presto, as if by magic, people would find me.


It doesn’t work like that though, does it?

The phrase, “You can’t be all things to all people”, springs to mind.

Not everyone needs your products or services and this is why it is important to research and narrow down to those that do.  You get inside their heads and hearts to be able to understand their struggles and solve their problems.

Then you demonstrate, with your Brand Voice that you are the best person to help them.

2.  Dig deep until you find your Confident Brand Voice.

Do you know how do people perceive your business?

Do you know that you have the power, with whatever you write, to reassure, inspire, motivate, and influence people?

At the very least, when you write, consider how you want people to feel as they read your words.

What tone is right for you?

Which phrases will resonate with your client and show them that you understand them, and you can transform their life?

I have to be a chameleon when it comes to copy.  What about you?

3.  Who would be interested in what you have to say?

Ok, let’s flip that statement on its head.

Why wouldn’t anyone be interested in what you have to say?

When you ‘speak’ to the right people i.e. refining who your ideal customer is, identifying their problems, and offering solutions in a language they understand…they will be very interested in what you have to say.

4.  Planning is not your thing.

There are some of us in this world that stress about creating a plan.  Preferring to ‘go with the flow’.  What I do know is, it doesn’t work.  You can get away without a plan for so long, or, for the odd thing – because spontaneity is also important but the age-old saying, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” – will come back to haunt you.

You need a plan.

Otherwise, you will find yourself just putting stuff out there for the sake of it.

Don’t waste your time doing that.

Make your posts count – funny, engaging, educational, informative, sales – not fluff!

5.  Which Social Media platforms to use?

The first thing I am going to say is, please don’t feel because someone else is everywhere, you have to be as well.  Unless you are fairly Social Media savvy, that is going to be a big ask.

Use what is right for your business and get the feel for what you consider to be the most responsive platform for results.

Start with one account and become really familiar with it.  Set goals and monitor responses, track what works, and what doesn’t work, and be sure to keep an eye on your numbers!

Stress-Free Social Media is possible!  I promise.

If you are struggling with your social media book a complimentary Coffee and Copy Chat with me, and we can kick around some thoughts and actions to make your life easier!