Ideal Audience

What have ant bites got to do with my ideal audience, I hear you say, as you scratch your head in wonderment!

On Wednesday, we went to Granada to meet some friends for lunch.

There we sat, soaking up the sunshine, surrounded by the majesty of Granada, when I felt the tell tale itch of a bite.  Now I should say, when it comes to being bitten and stung, I am like a Babe Magnet to all things bitey and stingy.

Once upon a time, in Thailand, I had to get a lift on the back of my nephew’s trusty, dusty motorbike, bumping along dirt tracks,  to the Doctor, with upwards of 25 mosquito bites. And wasp stings can give me a  2 day problem and result in medication from the Doctor or hospital – depending on how severe.  There’s a story in everything, for sure!

And this is to do with my ideal audience?  Yup, read on…

Well, I can tell you, there was much scratching going on around that table, mainly from me! By the time we got home I was rushing in to the house and reaching for the Piriton and Anthisan Bite and Sting Cream.

And this is where I start to reveal what ant bites have got to do with your ideal audience.

Becoming Aware

Believe me, I am most aware.

I am fully attuned to the suffering I experience at the hands of ants, mosquitoes, wasps etc. My literal pain point is swelling and itching.  And, what’s more, I will do anything I can, as quickly as I can, to bring about relief.

Hence: I have supplies of Piriton to hand and also Anthisan. My tried and trusted solutions to a problem that I am fully aware of.

So Unaware

Now, let’s take Mr B. He is not remotely aware…of any kind of stingy or bitey problem, because…

We have been in Spain for nearly a year and not once has he been bitten. Therefore, he couldn’t even begin to come up with a name for an antihistamine or a topical cream. He is completely unaware of the nastiness of bites and totally unaware of the solution to such a problem. He simply wouldn’t have a clue. But of course, if the need arose, he would ask me!

Product Aware Suzanne.

Somewhere in the middle, would be ‘Suzanne’. Who, may have experienced the odd painful bite or sting and will know that antihistamines do the job. Should she really be eaten alive one day, she knows she has a problem, she knows there is a solution for it and is aware of Piriton. So you see, she is aware of this product that she puts her trust and faith into – perhaps having seen the brand advertised, front and centre on a display in a chemist or spoken of by friends.

This is what it is like for your audience, clients and customers when it comes to you and your brand/products and/or services.

Your ideal client is out there, in varying stages of awareness of your product.

As I have outlined here:-

  1. Me – in need of a solution to a painful problem and I am really clued up on treatment and pain relief.
  2. The other end of the scale, Mr B, oblivious to the relief the product Piriton provides. He doesn’t need anything like that right now, but who knows, one day, he may.
  3. Suzanne – pain aware and product aware – goes and solves her problem.

Then, a further 2 stages of awareness when it comes to our ideal audience.

Problem aware:

  • Sarah – Oh, all of a sudden I seem to be suffering when I get a bitten. Never mind, it has never happened before, let’s see how it goes. Sarah is problem aware.

Solution aware:

  • Rachel – Hm, I’m a bit fed up with reacting as I do. I shall have to see what is out there to relieve the symptoms of bites and stings. Rachel is what is called solution aware – she now knows she has a problem and has to find a solution.

So, I come back to reality and away from bites and stings. Although I must say, I was still itching, 4 days on, in spite of Piriton and Anthisan!

Can you see how important it is to raise awareness of your brand, every which way you can, wherever you can, so that your ideal audience is most aware?

What can you do to increase your Brand Awareness to be ready for your ideal audience?

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