Writing Your About Page For Your Website

Oh, now, for any DIY copywriters, chances are your feared and dreaded “About Page,” might challenge you more than some of the other pages.

I bet you are wondering…?

  • What do you write about yourself?  It’s hard!
  • What should you include?
  • What should you leave in the family archives?

Hint:  This is not the space to share your life history!

So, where do you start to get the perfect blend for this incredibly valuable page where you truly can ooze Brand Personality?

Brand strategy first

At this point, if you haven’t done any kind of Brand Strategy planning: – Your ideal audience/client and Brand Voice, I would one million percent and more, suggest you spend some time on this.

I call it finding out what it is like to walk a mile in your audience’s shoes.  (Painful stilettoes).

These steps (no pun intended), are vital in order to help you gain clarity with your writing.

Hint again:  Who you are writing to and in what manner?

Let me explain:

My audience are more Maturepreneurs.

I work predominantly with ladies starting out on their fabulous business journey who need not to feel as if they should know everything at the drop of a hat!

The whole marketing business may never have been part of their previous work life and they are looking for support in that department whilst they concentrate on building their business

Plus, as a former confidence coach, it is incredibly important to for me to gently gauge and nurture confidence, all the way along the line.

I want anyone landing on my About Page to feel as if the kettle is always on, they can shake on down to my squishy sofa and dig deep in the biscuit tin without even uttering a word!

Use these pointers to make your about page sing off the screen:

  1. Humanise, Humanise, Humanise – Introduce yourself and make your written word sound as if you are speaking directly to your client.  Informal, Formal, Quirky?  Whichever way you find you speak – use this tone.
  2. Get show offy, in the nicest, humble way.
  3. Open up about your business story, weaving in the most interesting bits of to show off your brand.
  4. Pour out your passion and purpose as to why you have started your business.
  5. Remember, people buy from people.  Cast your mind back to something you have bought recently where the customer care and knowledge of the salesperson clinched the deal.  What additional element of “You” can you put in here to reinforce why you are the person to work with or buy from.
  6. Who are you trying to help?  Remember your Brand Strategy work.
  7. Speak, using your words, in their language.  What is your tone of voice?  Be comfortable with writing how you speak.
  8. Get emotional with your words – cast your mind back to walking that mile and more in your audience’s shoes.  Your audience, at varying stages of struggle, will be looking for information to solve their problem and identify with you, as you show how much you know and care.
  9. Put in testimonials if you have any.
  10. Don’t forget your Call to Action – let’s keep these lovely people, that have homed in on this page, on your website for a while longer.  Whether, it is a click through to your services page or a contact page, persuade your visitor to stick around and enjoy your website.

How do you feel about behind the scenes info?

A lot of About Pages these days go a step or so further with personal information.

It really is up to you about how comfortable you are sharing this kind of thing.

You don’t have to put anything in there that makes you feel uncomfortable.  I share what I call my “Gossipy Snippets”.  Which I hope readers find interesting and can relate to – right down to using my Emma Bridgewater mugs for different time of the day.  It drives my hubby crazy when he makes me a cup of tea first thing and I very “surreptitiously” pour it into the correct EB Morning Mug!

But hey…one of my quirks.

I am simply a happy, flawed human and if you are struggling with your About Page or website copy, shout out and we can connect over a cuppa – right mug of course!