The last thing you want is Website Copy that reads like an instruction manual.

Your words, which you use to connect with potential clients, can make or break a business relationship.

They can turn people on or off in a heartbeat.

End of story.

Which is why FULL ON FLAMBOYANCE will deliver a full-on Brand Strategy Experience and Personality Popping Website Copy that engages your readers with your passion, captivates and converts!

If you are ready to:

Invest in building your business on solid foundations using words that turn your readers into clients…

Uncover your tone of voice so you feel totally confident to share your message and invite visitors to you online home…

Increase, traffic to your website and create enquiries that convert to sales.

Work with an experienced creative companion who cares about you and your business.

Then the Pretty Pink Flamingo Agency is the right place for you!

Here’s what happens next

  • Let’s talk – in depth

    A 60 minute get together. This will be a follow up to your homework. I will make no bones about this part. We are going to define and refine as we start to plan and prepare. Who could forget the saying, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

  • Research and Competitor Analysis

    I want to make absolutely sure that we are using THE words that your target audience relate to.

  • On Brand Messaging Style Guide

    This is your guide to 100% and more, ensure that you can be continue to be consistent with your brand message, stories and tone, long after we have finished working together.

  • Website Copy

    With your research and guide in place, we will agree upon your copy requirements and a timeframe. I will then draft every word of your precious copy

  • Design Collaboration

    I will work with your website designer. It’s no secret that great copy and design go hand in hand!

  • Your Launch!

    You get to show your customers what a huge difference your business services or product can make to their lives.

It’s All About You

If you want to have heaps and heaps of support in building your business through brand storytelling, connecting with your ideal client through brand messaging, compelling copy and creative content for all things social media, then I can help you.

Why not book yourself a complimentary 15-minute chat with me and let’s get your start up well and truly started!

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