A selection of Business Goodies to choose from.

Attention seeking lead magnets

Stand alone Sales Pages

A Brand Building, Business Boosting Welcome E Mail Sequence

Please do pop in, pick and mix …. then leave the rest to me!

Lead Magnets

You have a shiny, new website and you are open for business. Your social media is sizzling off your Facebook page, or wherever you are being social. Beauteous blogs, packed with personality, information and energy are being shared.

What more will you do? How about really ramping up your efforts to offer even more to your audience. In return for their e mail address. All for Free!

This is where a Lead Magnet comes in. Not sure what sort of Lead Magnet? Checklist, E Book?

Your 30 minute complimentary discussion starts right here.  Let’s uncover what will be the best, most attracting type of lead magnet for your audience.  And then write it!

Your Investment for a full on attention seeking lead magnet is £…

Email Welcome Sequence

You have audience sign ups as a result of your fabulous free Lead Magnet.

Exciting and promising! So, what happens next? You could send them a regular newsletter. And?

You could further nurture them with a welcome e mail sequence!

As well as “saying thank you”, you want to continue to connect, inspire and build up trust as well as awareness in you and your brand. Ultimately, make them an offer that they can’t refuse.

Just get in touch and we can chat about how we strengthen your audience relationships.

Your Investment for creating an email welcome sequence is £…

Sales Pages

You finally have a totally transformational course to launch, or, a fabulous new product ready to fly off the shelf? All that hard work and expertise and now, it’s time to reap the rewards!

How are you going to convince your audience it is something they simply cannot live without? The best money they will ever spend!

What you need is a sales page that solves problems and boasts benefits. A page that persuades, overcoming any purchasing objections, leaving your audience in no doubt.

A page that has them reaching for their credit card and clicking the BUY NOW button faster than a Formula 1 Ferrari!

Your Investment for a stand alone sales page is £…