Stuck for words when it comes to your business copy and content?

  How can we save you from staring at a blank screen, hoping for a burst of inspiration?

  Followed by the endless cups of tea and coffee…ahem, and trips to the loo?

  Preferring to put out the washing, clean the cooker (oh, that’s a harsh one), and any other mundane task, rather than actually sitting down to write your copy?

Action Stations!

Pink desk, pink chair and, pen poised, (pink ink, no less) ready to write for you.

We love words.  So many glorious, words. We just love getting inspirational, emotional, persuasive and weaving a magical story…with words.

What we don’t want is for you to be sat in front of your computer, laptop, whatever, staring at a blank screen – literally, “stuck” for words. Nope, never, ever!

We care. About you and your business.  About making sure that you are seen and heard.

So, let’s take a leisurely stroll around the services of the Pretty Pink Flamingo Agency where you will find out more about how we can support you and help you to grow your business, with the power of the written word. No rush, meander on through at your leisure and decide how and when we can get together to add sparkle to your sentences and pep up your paragraphs.

Full On Flamboyance

Yes, we know, the very name conjures up a whole heap of emotions, doesn’t it?

Trust me, you don’t have to be the flamboyant type, to truly benefit from this memorable experience of working with me.  Unless you want to be, and in that case, I promise you more than just a fit of the giggles!

Full on Flamboyance is the perfect experience for you if you want a complete website copywriting service.

It’s much much more than just having your website copy written for you.  I don’t just provide the words; I make sure that they fit you like your favourite dressing gown not to mention your outfit for Ascot.  You will own those words, with confidence and clarity.

We connect and keep in touch as we go through the process of developing your Brand Strategy and your Competitor Analysis before I start writing. I might work remotely, but that’s where any remoteness ends. Together we craft and create and if you want me to join the party with your Web Designer, then I am happy to join right in!

Feeling a little or even a whole lot Flamboyant? 

Fancy a totally “True You”, lovingly created website?

The Blazingly Beauteous Blog Shop

Push your fingertips against the shiny brass door plate and hear the bell tinkle as you make your way inside the Beauteous Blog Shop.

It’s cool inside.  (I have a thing about cool, living in Spain!) Organic Apple juice anyone? What’s on offer?

A choice of:

“Stop me from tearing my hair out, I’m going bat poo crazy” or, simply “I need your help, as a one off”.

Whatever you need, you will be very happy to know that blogging is very definitely one of our favourite “pretty pink” pastimes.

Each and every post, carefully researched to appeal to your audience, keywords added, and served up with an abundance of care and attention.

Just one post to whet your appetite or a full-on feast of 4 a month?

Let’s talk about how we can consistently add the finest of fresh content to your website, build your brand and share your passion to the world.

Inflammably Gorgeous Social Media

Social Media, do you love it or loathe it?

I call it the gaudy, giddy carousel of Social Media

Pout Trout Selfies and videos of dogs on skateboards! Hmm, I’m not so fond of all that stuff either.  Unless it was my dog!

But you know, from one friend to another, if you are really serious about creating a fabulous business brand, you have to get your message out there.

Be visible, they say!

It doesn’t have to be this massive headache.  Nor, is it about what anyone else is putting out there with bells and whistles on. It is about what you need to build your business, bespoke to you and your brand.

Ready to have your social media woes whisked away and stop the frustration and overwhelm?

Head on over and find out more about stepping into your Inflammably Gorgeous Social Media Sparkly Shoes right now!

Pretty Pink Pick and Mix

Summertime in the 70s

Flares and platform sandals, with a tie up at the front cheesecloth shirt!

Wandering into good old Woolworths and the joys of Pick and Mix.

When then let me introduce you to the self-same joys of The Pretty Pink Flamingo Pick and Mix.  So designed to help you out in various areas of your business.

From all important, grow your email list, lead magnets to those carefully worded persuasive sales/landing pages.

And some other treats in between.

Allow me to make sure you have the time and energy to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, (such as pink shrimps and flying saucers.  Ooo, did you stick your tongue in the sherbety bit??).

Pop in and Pick and Mix now, to save yourself, time, money, sugar rushes and sugar dips, sweat and tears.